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Protein Quotient Diet

Home of KM/Matol....The One, The Only, The Original

With its simple beginnings in 1902, taken directly from Nature, the Km formula is the fruition of a dream providing people with a revitalized sense of self and motivating individuals to take charge of their health and their lives.

Designed to work with your body's system to enhance well being, Km is a combination of numerous unique botanicals brought together in a delicate balance, the result being the most unique formulation. The Km preparation is special because it is one of few products where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Over 32 Million Bottles since 1984....may be imitated but Will Never Be Duplicated

The body can only heal itself when and if it is in balance. It cannot be in balance if:

  • It doesn't have sufficient energy at the body's molecular level
  • It has energy or signaling blockages in vital communications pathways
  • Toxic buildup reaches a certain critical and undefined point.

DNR has developed over 170 light-energized solutions that address the correction of these issues.

This site is designed to provide interest and a better understanding about DNR light-energized technologies and solutions.

A personal Testimonial from Founder and President of DNR, Inc., Arthur Widgery.

Have you ever noticed that every sitcom on TV and every movie is directed to close with a happy ending. Without us knowing, we slowly become conditioned that life is the same way. We honestly believe everything will be all right. Itís up to every one of us to make sure our life experiences end well. I would like to tell everyone one of my most memorable experiences. During my life I would get the flu or from one to four colds every winter. I decided to try my own products here at DNR. I used Brown Label on my thymus point every morning and a squirt of Yellow and Green Label in my drink before or during breakfast each morning. I tried this religiously for 6 months and thought it was time to stop. When I stopped, I waited anxiously until flu season began. It began and believe it or not, nothing has taken place for over 15 years. I havenít caught a cold or gotten the Flu. I have waited for the last 10 years to get sick or ill, and nothing has happened. Except after a car wreck, I have been altered by a life-threatening stroke. On September 25, 2003, after the doctors told my wife and sons I was going to die, and that if I did live, I would only be a vegetable, they said they had no problem with the family using Liquid Needle products on me. At that time Dr. Tom Slider immediately came up to Indianapolis from Florida. He and my son, Ken, made sure that I had all the Liquid Needle products my body could handle. By Thanksgiving of that year my condition had improved to the point of being able to return home. The doctors and staff at 3 medical facilities have all stated that I would not have lived without the constant use of Liquid Needle products. While there are a few negatives that come with a stroke, I feel that I have become more sensitive to life situations. Even some of the things since the stroke have made me, hopefully, a better person and a more thoughtful person. I do know that life has a much more meaningful purpose than any of us realize until we are confronted with the reality that no day we spend on this earth is guaranteed and what we do with it is up to us, individually. Remember, you owe it to yourself to live each day with the knowledge that you must do your part and do everything possible to stay alive and well every day, forever.
Arthur Widgery President, DNR, Inc.


A Note from Ken Widgery, VP, DNR, Inc.
As my father mentioned, he had a car accident in the spring of 2003. In this accident his car was rammed into a ditch and subsequently caused a trauma to the back of his head. During that time, my father was researching statistics on mortality and death due to hospital mistakes. The deaths and severe injury from those mistakes, made quite an impact on him. A hospital was the last place he ever wanted to be. It turns out, that on September 24, 2003 the trauma to the head that he had experienced in the spring, caused a vessel to tighten to the point where platelets and other debris collected at that spot, slowly diffusing the oxygen supply to the brain stem. It is true, the Doctors, Neurologist included, all said he wouldn't make it and they have never seen such a severe brain stem stroke before. The recommendations were to let him die, he won't come back. We knew better. If it were not for his previous use and continued use of the DNR, Inc, Liquid Needle and Signal products, Dr. Slider and Dr. Durkes and their knowledge of the products, he wouldn't be one of the two percent of survivors from brain stem strokes. The body heals itself, given the proper balancing. We are happy and joyful he is here today! Walking, talking and still smart and coherent. He still advises me, all the time.

Thank you Pop!
We love and admire you!


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